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Welcome to Automotive Art Guyana. All prices are VAT Inclusive and available for purchase in Guyana only. Inventory is updated every 24 hours.
Welcome to Automotive Art Guyana. All prices are VAT Inclusive and available for purchase in Guyana only. Inventory is updated every 24 hours.

About Us

Automotive Art is the Caribbean's largest Auto-Care retailer of car enhancement products and services. With its corporate headquarters in Barbados, it currently trades in over 33 countries, inclusive of 16 Automotive Art franchise stores in eight countries throughout the Caribbean. Automotive Art Guyana has proudly served our community for the past 2 decades, however, prior to becoming the first franchisee in the Caribbean we have served our community since 1992, bringing you the best in tools. We have always looked to move the goal post further, to offer the best products and come up with the best ways to serve our customers, so we've decided to expand our operations of providing quality products online, and hope you'll enjoy all that we have to offer!

Our Story

We first started off as a specialised equipment and bearing supplier in High Street back in 1992, and grew from there adding in top brands from around the world.

Automotive Art Franchisee

We became the first Automotive Art franchisee in 2001 allowing us to offer an even wider range of products and services and heading further into the automotive refinishes market.
"We've always strived to offer the best quality products and services to our customers and push the boundaries by innovating and providing new technologies for them to take advantage of."
CEO - SEBCO/Automotive Art Guyana

Amazing Value Every Day

Items prices fit your budget

Pickup Available

Order online and pick up in store

Expert Customer Service

Call or Email and our team will be able to help you

Unbeatable Selection

Quality brands for you to choose from

The Best in Automotive Refinishing


Make your prep work easy

Clean, Sand, and Fill with our quality prep work products. With brands like, Indasa and Automotive Art Paints.

Paint & Clear

Weather you need commercial application or need to touch up a passenger car, our 50, 80 and DOS Line paints are the only choice.

Buff & Polish

Put the finishing touches on with quality commercial Presta Products. Used in high end body shops around the world.
Automotive Art Paints

80 Line, 50 Line & DOS

World-class colour matching does not need to cost a fortune!
We believe in giving our customers the opportunity to work with products that enhance their business and create results for their customers they didn’t think possible. We believe that your time is more important than ours, so we help you save every minute we can. Most importantly, we believe in color; we are driven by color. We are Automotive Art, welcome to our family. We started our lives as the distributor of another refinish system in the English Speaking Caribbean, and made it the number one brand. When some changes to that system came about, we knew it was time to start our own and that’s when the Automotive Art Refinish System was born.
Automotive Art Ancillaries

Cleaners, Primers, Hardeners & Solvents

High quality ancillaries paint products!
Automotive Art's all in one system provides shops with a complete package of products that ultimately allows you to complete a job from start to finish. These ancillaries work seamlessly with each other in order for you to get a high quality, long lasting finish. We provide you with materials to start the job, from cleaning surfaces, to priming the intended area for paint, to our universal hardeners and reducers that work with paint and clear products.

The Right Tools for the Job

We know that when it comes to getting the job done, the right tools always makes the difference. That's why we've strived to make sure we offer not only a wide variety of tools, but the best quality tools on the market. Automotive Art Guyana works to bring you premium quality hand tools from Stanley and Draper, as well as premium quality power tools from DeWalt. All of our power tools at Automotive Art Guyana also come with manufacturer warranties and in the event that you need any repairs done on your DeWalt power tools, we are also an authorized DeWalt Repair Center. 

Brava Lubricants


Superior Lubricating Properties

When you're looking for the right oil for your car, making sure you're getting high quality oils with superior lubrication is what Brava has to offer.

High Quality Base Stock Oils

Brava Lubricants are made with high quality base stock oils, so you know your engine is getting the best.

Less Oil Burn

With a low NOAC value Brava comes low volatility and therefore less oil burn and better lubricating properties.